March 26, 2009

A book to read

I love to read.
Let me be more specific. I love to read Christian fiction. I have favorite authors and am known to read a book multiple times.
I was introduced to Eugenia Price several years ago by my mother-in-law. She wrote Christian fiction and her books were based in the Savannah area and dealt with slavery. I loved those books and re-read many of them.
A few years ago while browsing through my public library I came across Mrs. Price's name in the non-fiction section. I thought I would give one of her books a try. And I must say it is the best book on being a christian woman I have ever read.
Woman to Woman by Eugenia Price was written in 1959. And has stood the test of time. In this book she looks at women and how we act and react. She examines the woman's personality, appearance, friendships, and family.
In the section on disposition she writes; doubt she is saying quite sincerely , "But this is the way I am! ...My mother is like this, or, My father is like this."
Let us face the fact once and for all that when we are converted to Jesus Christ, we are reborn of God! We still retain characteristics and tendencies inherited from our human family. But we have become members of a new family. The family of God. Now we have access to a new inheritance.
Being human, we blame either our heredity or our current circumstances for our dispositions. Both can be blamed. But if our entire personalities are under the control of Jesus Christ, we are enabled to act as He would act. Even with our heredity and our current circumstances.

This spoke volumes to me. I know a lot of people (and I'm sure you do too) that say "I can't help it I was born this way," I am guilty of saying it too. But this flew in my face and said it didn't matter how I was born. That when I was born again, I was to put off the old life. If I am shy and intimidated I need to pray about that, because God will give me courage, in fact He demands that I have courage.
Go get this book from your public library or buy it on amazon. I found a couple of copies there for 74 cents plus shipping. It is really terrific and it will step on your toes, but sometimes our toes need to get hurt in order for us to walk right.

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