April 13, 2009

Daybook April 13, 2009

Outside my window..... Cloudy skies, wet grass, kids playing

I am thinking..... About Rachel and her new baby Mary Elizabeth

I am thankful for..... vacuum cleaners, brooms, and dishwashers

From the learning room..... tension, stress. Standardized test is tomorrow

From the kitchen..... A new place for my cookbooks, and clean counters (for now anyway)

I am wearing.....sweatshirt and pants

I am creating.....a more serene environment in my house

I am going.....nowhere now, ballgames have been rained out!

I am reading..... Bright Captivity by Eugenia Price

I am hoping.....that Samuel does well on the test

I am hearing..... the washer and dryer running

Around the house..... Easter grass!!!

One of my favorite things..... clear nailpolish

A few plans for the rest of the week..... decide what to get Anna for her birthday, and ballgames!!


1 comment:

  1. I'm sure Samuel will do great on the test! Don't stress too much. Is he in the morning or afternoon? Do you all have a ballgame tonight? Ours is tomorrow night. I hope the fields dry up quick!