April 15, 2009


If you don't want to read my griping you should just go and do something else.

This post is all about me complaining, and whining. Just like I got onto my kids for doing yesterday.

I love being a parent!

Our family has been involved in summer baseball for 7 years. When I write that it doesn't seem very long, but as I have lived it, it seems like a very long time.

I have enjoyed summer baseball very much. As much as I complain about the 37 games we will play this year, I love it all. I love the activity of practices, having to find something for supper that is quick and easy, and sitting at games that go on and on and on.

So enough of that. On to the complaining and griping!

All four of the kids are playing baseball this year. ( I am not complaining about that, we have looked forward to this for several years.)

And it is expensive.(This is where I begin complaining)
Here is a rundown of expenses:
$175 for sign up because we have more than one child we got a price break! Woo!Hoo!
$14x5= $70 for uniforms which only include the shirt and hat
$20 for belts and socks Anna and Samuel didn't get socks or a belt
$8.50 for pants and cleats I got these at the local resale shop
$25 dues so Stephen can coach a team. Yes, he gets to pay to coach!
$2 x 21 games =$42 what I have to pay to get in the games
$1 x 19 = $41 I know that doesn't look like it equals but the kids have to pay $1 when
they attend a game they aren't playing.
$2 x 9=$18 what Stephen has to pay to get in games when he isn't coaching
$33 for popcorn. it is 75 cents each, and most games I will be buying 2 bags!
$??? for gatorades for our kids and drinks and snacks when we are game
parents for Anna's game.
Grand total!

I don't mind having to pay for the uniform.
Well, I take that back. I do mind. My registration money should provide for uniforms.
But I do mind having to pay for my kids to get in to watch part of a baseball game and then run around, play in the woods, and ask when we can go home.
Is anyone with me? Shouldn't baseball be cheaper?
It has been cheaper before. We have played when the league bought uniforms, and there was no charge for anyone to get in the games.
There are ways to make it cheaper. Why don't they ask me?
Do you think it is because I would gripe, whine, and complain?
Yes, I do too!

Ok, now you can go on and do something more productive than read my rantings! And I will go do something more productive.
Like laundry!


  1. Girl, you know I'm with you on this one. The price went up since last year too. It's now $3 adults and $2 for kids. And, like I said last night, bring your own snacks, because it was $1 for one package of 2 peanut butter cups. I feel for you. You have alot more games than I do, since I've only got 1 of my kids playing. I agree with you on everything you said. When we lived in NJ, our registration fee paid for the uniforms, and I never had to pay to get in to see a game. If they actually used all the money they made to fix up the complex then that would be different. I'm going to climb down from my soapbox now before I get all crazy on ya! See you tomorrow!

  2. That is a little insane, I agree.