December 13, 2009

So, I've made it pretty clear that I don't enjoy decorating for Christmas. And I've probably not said anything about Christmas cooking, but I don't enjoy that either.

But I do enjoy me some Christmas movies.

Do you just love this or what??

It started with the countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas and then the actual 25 Days of Christmas. And add in Hallmark, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, and all the other channels. It is a Christmas movie bonanza!

They are safe to watch. You can pretty much bet they are going to have happy endings. Well, except for The Christmas Shoes. The song, the book, the movie, they make me cry. And it is the ugly cry. You know where the kids are looking at me like someone in the room has died. I didn't even know there was a trilogy of The Christmas Shoes. Who knew. But the other two aren't as sad as the first one. Thank heavens for that.

I made a list of my favorite Christmas movies so far this year. And of course I can't find it. It wasn't that good of a list anyway.

I wanted to watch Santa Baby 2 tonight. But after subjecting the family to The Christmas Shoes Trilogy I decided to let Stephen choose what to watch after that. I'll catch Santa Baby 2 some other time. Because thats the other thing about Christmas movies, they replay them all the time!

Do you have any favorites??


  1. I love Christmas movies too. These days I am having to watch a Dora's Christmas and Charlie Brown's Christmas. Ha!

  2. Randall would not let me watch the Christmas Shoes last night. He said I did not any help crying and did not to subjecy myself to a little boy buying shoes for his dying Mama. I love Randall! :)

  3. I won't watch Christmas Shoes. I don't like watching sad movies unless it's accidental. There's enough sadness in real life. When I watch TV, I only want to see happy endings. :-)

    Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by the domestic fringe. You left a comment about my Phyllis Diller tree, so I wanted to come visit.

    Merry Christmas!