December 22, 2009

We put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and decorated the week after. I think I have whined enough about how I dislike decorating for Christmas. That's why this is going to seem strange.

Today my in-laws come for Christmas. They will stay until the day after Christmas and then my mom will come and spend a few days.

I've decided that I would much rather decorate for Christmas closer to the actual day. Today I was cooking (please no laughing!) pies, cake, fudge, almond bark stuff, and breads. I was thinking that it would be so much more festive if we were decorating the tree and the house for Christmas now. Today.

It seems like now the Christmas decorations are just part of our home decor. Nothing special. We've gotten use to the tree in the room, the village lit up, and the nativity on the side table. We don't even turn on the tree lights every morning like we did just a couple of weeks ago.

I'm afraid it has gotten old, just when I'm ready to rev it up.

Anyone else? Am I the only one?


  1. I plug all my lights in as soon as I wake up every morning. It excites me each morning to plug them in. I am a rare bird though and this is an area where you are are are SO not related. :)

  2. I am still excited about lighting the tree. MK doesn't want hers lit in her room at all. I bet all of the food you are making is delicious.