April 27, 2015

A quick review of the week

Ok, I'm going to try to make this a quick read, but still document our week.

We began the week celebrating this sweet girl and her 11th birthday.

We ended the week celebrating these two. They were such sweet smelling, little guys back then.

And now they look like this. 14! They aren't so sweet smelling anymore, but still great guys!

And then David took his written driving test and passed! Now to teach him how to drive.

Then this happened later that afternoon
Aren't they stunning? Friday night was prom, Lauren is a senior and Samuel is a junior. Such a good looking couple. 

Saturday there was a kayak race at Saracen Lake so we did that and 
Daniel won! 

Then later on that evening Stephen and Anna went kayaking. They had so much fun together. 

Sunday David and Daniel were awarded for their work in Trek. Trek is the Jr. High version of Awana. They've memorized 634 Bible verses.

And then Samuel preached at Eastside Baptist. Their preacher is wanting to give young guys called to the ministry a place and time to preach. We really appreciated it, and Samuel did a terrific job.
Kind of looks like a natural doesn't he?!

Whew! This was a quick review of the week. There were so many emotions. My kids are getting older, rights of passage are happening, races are being run and won, the future is unfolding right in front of us. I hope I never forget busy, eventful weeks with my people.

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