April 8, 2015

Daybook 4/9/15

Outside my window......It's supposed to be a nice day, but storms are coming this evening. I'll make sure our iPads and phones are charged in case we lose electricity. 

Within my walls.....School, school, school and clean, clean, clean!

In my kitchen...Meals will be cooked, I just don't know what they'll consist of! 

What I'm wearing....Black yoga pants, t shirt, and socks. Surprised??

Random observations...The pollen is unreal! At times, it looks like it's raining yellow pollen. Yuck!

A favorite thing from last week...I got to hang out with Samuel and Lauren the other day. It was fun, but I need to remember to stay out of their conversations!

A heart of thanksgiving.... I'm thankful for this girl, she'll be 11 in just 11 days. Wow! 

A heart of prayer...


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