March 8, 2009

I love coupons!

Sundays are one of my favorite days. Not just because I get to go to church and be around "grown-ups" but because I get coupons from the newspaper!

Now, today was one of the best services I've been to at FBC-SC in quite a while. The music was WONDERFUL!
We sang "Days of Elijah." I can't tell you what that song does for me. It gets me so excited about Jesus' return I can hardly sit still. I had asked our worship leader to sing this song over a year ago. And today she surprised me with it. I loved it! I know I was just beaming when she looked at me. She was beaming at me! We were both so excited!

Ok, back to the coupons...
I love getting the paper and seeing how many coupons are in it. Sometimes the newspaper guy is generous and we get 2 sets of coupons, but usually we just get the one set of both coupon booklets. I wait for this all week. I really enjoy seeing what I can get for close to nothing. I then go to some blogs where the writers have done all the homework for me and I see what great deals I can get at Walgreens, or CVS (but I don't have one of those!) or grocery stores. It is like a game for me.

My kids panic when I don't have any coupons when we go grocery shopping. They think we can't possibly buy groceries without them.

One of these days, their wives are going to be proud of this. Or their wives will hate me for teaching them to save money. Either way I'm glad to be doing it!

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