March 9, 2009


Yesterday morning a preacher was killed in his church. A man walked down the aisle and shot him while he was preaching.

I cannot imagine the horror that went through the congregation. As a pastors wife, I am horrified. I don't know if his family was in that service, the church has more than one AM service, but whether they were or not the shock for this family is unimaginable.

I have been a ministry wife for almost 16 years, the last 7 of those as a pastors wife. My heart goes out to his wife.

I know every preachers circumstances are different. Some preachers are preaching in the same town they grew up in. Some preachers own their own homes. Some preachers are living away from any family.

I do know that he had been at this church for 22 years. Which isn't the norm for a Baptist preacher! Which means their children have been raised in that church, his wife has friends in that church that she has probably had for years and years. They will be rallied around by many who love them.

Remember when you are praying for your pastor and his family to pray for their safety. It would seem that he died doing what he loved and what he was called by God to do.

May that be so for all of us. May we love what we do and do what we are called to.

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