April 9, 2009

Favorite Things-School room/Office

Our house was built to be a parsonage. Which is a good thing, since it is one!

The office in the house has big built-in book shelves and is a good sized room. Right now we have a large desk which I use, two 5 ft folding tables that D&D use, a desk that Samuel uses, and a desk and round plastic table that Anna uses. We also have plenty of room to walk around, give reports, and play games. It is an ideal school room for us.

Now my favorite things.
1-The world map. I can't tell you how geographically challenged I am. This map has saved me much embarrasement in front of my kids. When they want to know where a country is, since it over my desk, I just look up, find it and show them. They think I am a geographical genius. Please don't tell them any different!!!

2-The windows. The windows face our side yard and driveway. I can see if the mail has been delivered, who has driven up in my driveway and watch the kids play on their bikes, skates, and scooters.

3-File cabinets. I know, I know. How can a file cabinet be my favorite thing. It does seem strange. One of them is a wood-look two drawer cabinet that we got from some friends about 9 years ago. It is FULL of stuff. Our other one is a standard metal office 4 drawer cabinet. It holds school books, art projects and stuff. I love it!

I know this hasn't been an exciting post. I'm really sorry. I promise to do better next time!

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