April 10, 2009


First let me say I am so sorry for yesterdays post. That was just terrible!

Easter is always a picture holiday. For the last 7 Easters my children have had matching or coordinated clothing.

Not so this year.

This year Samuel says he is boycotting Easter clothes. I have refused to call him a preteen or a tween, but sadly, he is definitely acting like one.

Anna is wearing a beautiful white dress. It's a Strausburg dress and we got it on sale in January. I can still feel the excitement of that purchase.

The kids and I went shopping Tuesday and David and Daniel picked out their Easter clothes. David picked out a white shirt, plaid blazer and green and white striped tie. (It really looks good, I promise.) Daniel picked out a pale pink and white striped linen shirt. They are wearing their khaki pants. That will be all that matches with those two.
Samuel is wearing, hopefully, a white polo with blue around the collar. I got it on sale a couple of weeks ago. A new Polo for $6, can't beat that! He is threatening not to wear it, and wear his shirt from last year instead.

I had intended for them to all wear some version of white and navy. But because I am old and tired I gave in. They can wear these clothes for Easter. The picture won't be as good as the ones where they all matched. But maybe, just maybe, there will be no fussing, or complaining Easter morning.

How about you? Are your kids matching for Easter? Are you wearing something new for Easter? Please tell me!

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