April 5, 2009

My Favorite Things-Kitchen

I originally planned on taking pictures of my favorite things in the kitchen.

And then I thought about it.

And decided there was no way I was taking pictures of my favorite things in the kitchen.

The pioneer woman has simply made it too intimidating.

But I will tell you about them and you can imagine what they look like, how about that?

The first is my iron skillet.
I resisted using the iron skillet for many years, 15 years and 4 months to be exact. But along with my childrens pictures and my Bible I will take my iron skillet with me come fire, tornado, or high waters!
I have used non-stick pans since I started cooking, which began 5 days after my wedding and not a day before, and I had problems with them. But not my iron skillet. It is wonderful, it heats evenly, cleans nicely and makes everything I cook in it taste so much better than it did in my non-stick pans. Oh, iron skillet I heart you!

Then second is my grease container. (shout out to Jodi!)
Yes, I keep bacon grease. And I keep it on my stove. Please tell me if this is a bad thing. I truly don't know. I have thought I should keep it in the fridge, but I just love the ceramic dish it is in. It came from Belgium. I think. It seems the story behind it has gotten confused in the brains of some of my family members (including mine). It is an orangey red and doesn't match anything in the kitchen, but I love it and will keep it.
(I get rid of the grease after time, and start over, after a while it gets a wang to it)

The third is my fondue pot.
Stephen and I got a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond a few Christmases ago from Aunt Babs and Uncle Joe. We knew what we wanted so we set out to find the best fondue pot ever. We found it, bought it and used it all in the same 24 hours. We love to fondue.
Friday night we had some friends over and we fondued for dessert, it was much fun but we did run into the problem of fondue etiquette. We made no decisions on how 4 people were supposed to eat out of the same fondue pot, we just did! And it was yummy!

I know you were thinking the microwave was going to be on the list and it should be, I just decided it was a given that it was one of my favorite things. (Sarah, sorry for the run-on sentence)

I hope you have a great week! Remember Jesus loves you and He endured great physical pain on this week so many years ago just so that you could know of His great love for you. His love knows no end when it comes to you.


  1. Thanks for the "shout-out", lol. At least you keep it in a pretty ceramic dish. I love my cast iron skillet too. I have a small one that I've had since I first got married. It's a smaller one, but I use it for mostly cooking cornbread and if I need to fry up something small quick. I never had much luck with the non-stick stuff either. My regular cookware is all stainless-steel, and I've had it for many years, and I just love it.

    A fondue pot is good. I have a mini-crockpot, is that like the same thing? When are you going to invite me over for some fondue? ...just wondering:)

  2. the grease container came from me and first from granny. It matches other pieces that i have not given out, like for instance the eggplant casserole dish. i can't believe that you didn't remember where it came from.

  3. Serisouly, I know where it came from...dude, you are unworthy of the container!
    You should post cute stuff like these on our blog...trader.

  4. Man.... I DO know how to get into your mom's house and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that eggplant casserole dish!

    Julie, you hang on to that grease dish... it is just PERFECT for that very thing!

    love you, yfa... tbeo!