April 2, 2009

I haven't told you about our spring break activities.

Well, except for the arrival of Lucy Kathryn that is.

We started out our spring break week at the Historic Museum of Arkansas. It was great! The guided tour is informative and at times entertaining!
We then went in to the museum and found a play room for kids tucked in a corner upstairs. Anna thought it was the best part of the whole day.

We also went to the Macarthur Military Museum. I wasn't real excited about this one, but it surprised me. When we walked in, the lady at the front desk gave each of the kids a scavenger hunt to do through the museum. It was really great for them, they actually learned a little bit on their spring break.

And then we went to Shorty Smalls. We went there first on Monday and ate and paid. At the end of our meal the manager came buy and gave each of us a coupon for our next visit.
All 8 of us. (Stephens parents were with us!)

We went back to Shorty Smalls for dinner on Thursday (after the military museum) to use our coupons. We had 2 free appetizers, 3 free entrees, 1 free milkshake, 1 free dessert, and 1 $2.00 coupon. We paid $14.00 for our dinner and saved $81.00!!!!. We ended up paying for Anna's meal, our drinks and tax!

Impressive wouldn't you say? And the best part? The manager came back and brought free coupons AGAIN!!!!

This time I shared the coupons with some friends, and their family of 6 ate very cheaply this week.

I'm ready for another spring break!!!

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