July 3, 2009


In the last couple of weeks I have seen family.

Not just Stephen and the kids, but family-family.

I have seen my dad, his wife and her daughter, my cousin, her husband, and their daughter. My aunt and uncle, my sister, my mother and her aunt. My grandmother and my uncle.

And Sunday I think I am going to see another aunt and uncle.

I am being swarmed by family. Well, ok swarmed is not the correct word. Its just that we were talking about swarms of bees at dinner and it was still on my mind.

I am being loving hosted in the homes of loved ones. How about that?

It is the most fun! Usually I only see these people at Christmas and we are all together at the same place for a limited amount of time and no real visiting goes on.

(As I was typing that horrible run-on sentence I thought of my cousin Sarah and her family. I've not seen them since Christmas and won't see them in the near future. I wish I could!) (Oh! Sarah is an English teacher and is not a fan of the run-on or fragmented sentence!)

This has just been a great two weeks. Growing up, we were around most of this family and I took it for granted. But, I have lived away from home for almost 16 years now and I miss family.

I miss the identity I have in my family. I miss the love, compassion and familiarity of family.

But this has made up for it.

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