December 1, 2009

Its December!!!!!

Happy December to you!!

Happy Birthday to you Claire! Today our cousin turns nine years old. It is hard to believe.

I was pregnant when Claire was born. Abby and I took a trip to Memphis to visit Hollye and Claire in the hospital. We stopped at Danvers to eat lunch and I got soo sick. Which was normal for me during that time. I didn't know at that time that I was carrying twins, I thought I was having a girl.

I was so excited that Claire and my little girl were going to be so close in age. But instead, I had two boys that couldn't love Claire more! Seriously, she could move in with us and the boys would love every minute of it!

This is the day that the girls and kids in our family open up our chocolate advent calendars and begin opening the little windows and eating a piece of chocolate everyday. It is a tradition in our family that goes back too far for me to remember.

This year we can't find any. None. At all. Abby and I were stressing about it last night. What were we going to do this morning when we didn't have a window to open on our calendars. Would my kids runaway from home, because I didn't provide this tradition for them again this year? Oh, the angst!!

And then I got an email from my mother today. She said Walgreens had them in their ad and she would go get them for us!

Thank you Mom!
Oh! the relief!!! December can begin!!!


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