December 30, 2009

Up for a random story?

Today I met a friend for lunch.

For a change, I was the first to arrive. I sat in the car for a bit, not wanting to be alone in the restaurant. Finally I gathered nerve and went inside.

And sat by myself. Well, with chips and salsa of course.

Being alone reminded me of this random story.

My first job was as a clerk in the lingerie department at Montgomery Ward. At closing we employees had to walk to our cars from the back of the building. Which meant having to walk 1/2 the width of the store, the length of the building and then the length of the parking lot, because we had to park in the most far away parking spaces at the shopping center.

One night I was feeling a little lazy. Or a little manipulative. Take your pick. And decided I didn't want to walk all the way to my car at 9:15 on a weeknight. So, I called my boyfriend who lived about 15 minutes away in a neighboring town. I asked him to please come pick me up and take me to my car.

And do you know what? He did! He drove from his house. Where he was watching tv in his comfy clothes. To pick me up at the back door of Montgomery Ward, drive me to my car and then drive back to his house alone. And he was nice about it.

Wow! I'm pretty sure the relationship didn't last much longer after that. I mean, what else was there after that? He had proved to me manipulation worked on him, it was downhill from there.

Stephen was a much harder nut to crack, in fact I'm still trying! I love that man, even though I know for a fact (because I asked him) that he would not have driven 30 miles just to drive me 1/4 of a mile in a parking lot.

Random enough for you?


  1. You are so wrong. I knew that blonde boy with the cool car had to be good for something! You are right...Stephen would have hung up on you and I know Randall would have hung up on me for calling him also. You lucked out with that short love story....I am so glad that love story ended...I like the one you have now much better.

  2. abby, you have the wrong boy..i know which one that was...i think he gave us a puppy later...right Julie??