January 19, 2010

I love TV

Have I told you how much I love tv?

I mean, I really enjoy it.

We have discovered The Office just recently and we look forward to watching re-runs every night. Tonight it will be on for four hours. Four hours! I can't wait. I adore the looks Jim gives the camera, the sweetness of Pam, and the absurdity and hilarity of Michael Scott. Stephen and I laugh and laugh at that show.

American Idol is back on. Tonight it is on for two hours, at the same time as The Office. I'm not sure where my loyalties lie. I wish I had a DVR!

And 24 has returned. If ever there was a hero on tv, it would have to be Jack Bauer. That man can do more in 24 hours than I can think of. Stephen wasn't able to watch it last night and I want to talk to him about it so bad, but he doesn't want to until he watches it on hulu. I don't know if I can wait, I might just have to tell him all about it anyway.

What do you watch?


  1. Greys and some of Biggest Loser. You know me...I am not a TV watcher but I do like to see the Office sometimes...so funny!

  2. I watch several shows on TLC. I also watch Law And Order SVU. Most of the time I am watching a cartoon with MK. Can't wait to get my remote back from her. Ha!