January 20, 2010

My blog friend Lisa has written a book for preachers wives.I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I have followed her blog for quite a while and was honored to meet her when she came to Arkansas to lead a women's conference that our association held in August.(I wont' tell you that I left her at the airport and I had gotten her there just late enough that she missed her flight. I was terribly embarrassed but she said she enjoyed the down time. I'm going to believe her and not feel bad anymore!) She is the cutest, funniest, sweetest person. She has a love for the Lord, and a love for her husband and her church.

This book would be a great gift for any preachers wife. You can go here and enter your preachers wife in a drawing to win a book, $100 at DSW (Shoes, people!) and $125 for a spa day. Does it get much better than that? NO!

So go. Enter your preachers wife. She is an invaluable part of your preachers life. She is the one keeping the home fires burning, the one that pushes her husband out the door when he is tired of being slammed against the wall at every turn for proclaiming God's word, the one that needs her church family's support and love as she probably lives far away from her family. Go ahead enter her, or just buy the book for her. She deserves it!!

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