January 12, 2010

When Anna was 1, she cut her thumb on something. We don't know what for sure. We think maybe a tape measure. It bled, and bled, and bled some more. And required three stitches. She was the first of our children to get stitches. It seemed wrong at the time. It seemed even more wrong when 6 months later she fell off a chair, hit the dining table, cut her lip and got three stitches under her bottom lip. Still the only child to have stitches.

David and Daniel have since been run over by scooters and poked by a rusted hand plow and have had stitches of their own. Samuel still has never had any. It isn't that he is any less clumsy, I think his skin is just thicker.

The thing I learned from Anna's ER visits was that peroxide gets blood out of clothing (or carpet). Did you know that? It works like magic! The blood just disappears. Its like a miracle cleaner. It doesn't work, however, on ink in carpet. I tried that!

Yesterday David came in saying he was bleeding. And he was right!
His wart (are you as grossed out as I am by that word?) was bleeding. Oh the humanity! Gross!!!
I called the doctors office (after cleaning up the blood from the carpet in 4 rooms and my electric blanket) and made an appointment for that afternoon.

Today we are wart-free! It wasn't without much agony and gnashing of teeth. Not mine, but David's. That kid cried for almost an hour. Not just cried, but screamed, wailed, and bounced around in the seat in the van. It was crazy and painful for all of us. Daniel and Anna were scared to death. Daniel had never seen his brother in pain like that and couldn't contain his tears. It was sweet that he showed such compassion for him. He even yelled at me one time (he had to yell, he couldn't be heard over David's crying) to TAKE HIM BACK TO THE DOCTOR!! It was sweet, but I yelled back NO, I'M TAKING HIM HOME! And I did.

A facebook friend,(who we first met when she was in the 7th grade at our first church where Stephen did youth ministry, now she's a grown-up married and has a child. Am I really that old?) told me about the wart fairy. Apparently the wart fairy leaves something special in the sock drawer at night. Like the tooth fairy. Well, I have enough trouble remembering that the tooth fairy visits, that I just couldn't do the wart fairy. And really? A wart fairy? What must he look like? YUCK!!!

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  1. You had quite the day. I hope he is feeling better.