February 16, 2010

I never thought I would say this but here goes.

I'm tired of reading.

Stephen gave me a Kindle for Christmas and all I've done since December 25 is read.

I read when I cook, fold clothes, exercise, ride in the car, or am just sitting watching tv or waiting for something.

I have read 3 "real" books since Christmas but the other times I have read from my Kindle.

We are 53 days past Christmas and I have read 12 1/2 books on my Kindle and 3 "real" books. Not to count the samples of books that I have also read on my Kindle. I've read several of those, probably 9-10. And they are each a chapter or two long.

So, its taking me about 3 days to read a book, but considering I have 4 kids, a house to clean (HA!), meals to cook, and school to teach that isn't too bad. Because a couple of those books were just s l o w. But I was determined to finish them.

But now, I'm just tired of reading. And I have 17 books on my Kindle that I haven't read yet. UGH! I can't stand it. I can't stand having an un-read book. It's like having dirty clothes, they must be washed. These books must be read!

There are many free books at Amazon which is why I have so many books yet to read, and why I have read so many. I love Christian fiction, and almost all the books I've read are that. With the exception of a couple. So, I'm going to give you a few of my favorite books so far.

I know you're excited.

You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes... by Lisa McKay *****
Peculiar Treasures...Robin Jones Gunn *****
Who Stole my Church...Gordon MacDonald (A must read for church members!) *****
Monday Night Jihad...Steve Yohn *****

I have also downloaded the Economic Report of the President. I don't think I'll read it, but I've never owned a copy of the budget before.

What do you suggest I read?

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  1. How impressive your reading list it! I am not sure what you should read next. You have inspired me to get after it and read more though.