March 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'm sure you just couldn't wait to find out what I did this weekend.

I lead such an exciting life that you want to lead vicariously through me.

I know. That is why I've decided to share my weekend with you.

Friday, the kids made a volcano. They were so excited, as was I. We exploded not one but three volcanos. I wish you could have heard them squeal with delight.

Stephen and the boys went on a boys scout campout Friday and Saturday. Well, Samuel stayed until Sunday since he is the "real" boy scout of the family. So, that left Anna.

She was beside herself with anticipation. She couldn't wait for the boys to leave. When they finally did leave she yelled "We're free!!" Too cute.

We ate mesican(as she says it) and as we were finishing up a couple of our friends came in, another mom and daughter, sat with us and while we ate dessert they ate their dinner. It was a nice girl time.

We then came home and watched a movie and then crawled in bed together. That was a first!

When Anna woke up Saturday morning she looked at me and said "Its girl day!!!!!" So, after she took the longest bubble bath in history, we went shopping and to McDonalds for lunch. I never thought having a girl could be so much fun!

Last night Stephen and I went to dinner with our deacons. Not everyone showed up, but we had such a good time with those that did. I love the people of our church.

And today I went to church and heard a great sermon from my Lord through my husband. I was so proud of him today. He didn't hold back, he preached the word of God and people will be changed because of it.

It was a good weekend. Hope yours was too.

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  1. What a great weekend! I love Anna's sayings. They are so precious. The being free cracked me up.