April 10, 2010

A blissful Saturday

It has been an absolutely beautiful day in southern Arkansas today.

I slept late and when I awoke I reminded myself that I had beaten all of my children and my husband at bowling last night. Yes, me! I won a game! I never win a game. Especially one that requires physical ability. But the skills I learned in my college archery/bowling class came in handy last night and I beat them all soundly.

It was a good feeling this morning.

We then headed to buy baseball pants and other a sundry items for the sport. After spending 60 on said items we headed home. We were going to eat lunch out, but I decided it would be best if we just ate groceries we had already paid for. Stephen would be so proud!

And then I spent a couple of hours on my patio with a coke and my Kindle. The kids were running around the yard having a good time, and I enjoyed watching them. It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Now, I'm off to cook dinner and prepare for tomorrow morning. Re-read my Sunday School lesson and iron clothes. Tomorrow will be one of those long days at church. The youth are having a lunch and a pie/sweets auction after morning worship and tomorrow night is our monthly potluck.

I love our church. We have such wonderful people that do great things to insure that Gods love is shared.

Happy Saturday!


  1. We had a fun day in Conway today! It really was a beautiful day!

  2. I am so impressed with the bowling accomplishment. You truly lucked out on that. It is not in our genes to score big at the alley!

  3. Ironing? You're so industrious!! I gave it up years ago! :-) The only bowling game I've ever won was on the Wii! Great work!!