April 7, 2010

Daybook April 7, 2010

Outside my window...pollen, pollen everywhere. Everything is covered with a layer of yellow dust. I have to put my Kindle in a zippie bag so it doesn't get covered. I hate to think what we are bringing in from outside on our skin and clothes.

I am thinking...school is almost over, just another month!

I am thankful for...children that learn well.

I am wearing...capris, Red Wolves t-shirt, and socks

I am remembering...this time 9 years ago. Just days before D&D were born and this time 6 years ago, days before Anna was born.

I am going...to buy baseball pants. 3 pair. Really???

I am currently reading...the first book in the Sophie Trace series.

I am hoping...that it rains and washes the pollen away, but not until I've gotten a chance to sit outside for a bit.

On my mind...birthday parties

Noticing that...Samuel is almost as tall as I am.

From the kitchen...nothing so far

Around the house...just the normal things. Laundry, dirty carpets, kids running around, and school.

One of my favorite things...time with friends. I enjoyed yesterday so much, spending so much time with different friends was just what I needed.


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  1. We're waiting for that rain, too. I'm so ready to breathe air instead of pollen! :-)