April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter morning began with a egg hunt in the back yard. Its the only time my kids hunt Easter eggs.

For some reason, we have never made a big deal about Easter egg hunts, so they don't even know to expect them. I know most families hunt eggs all day and even the days before Easter. We are not one of those families. One time and thats it!

My father-in-law went to the store for breakfast while I got lunch ready. I had inadvernatly forgotten to buy anything for Easter breakfast. I made sure I had everything for lunch and supper but nothing for breakfast. Oh well, my kids are used to it.

Everyone got dressed and looked so nice. I took pictures with Samuel's picture. A couple of pictures of the kids all together and then a picture of me with each one. Samuel requested that he get a picture of just the two of us, he said we hadn't done that since 2006. Surely it hadn't been that long!

I would post a couple of the pictures, but I can't find the cord to the camera. My old printer used to have a slot for my memory card, but now I have a new swanky printer and no memory card slot. We also are a one car family for a few days (well, it has actually been over a week) while the truck gets fixed and today I'm homebound while Stephen is making hospital visits. So, there won't be any pictures today.

I know, you're shocked!!

And right before we left for church. I mean, right before we left. Daniel ripped his pants. On Easter. What are the odds of that? So, Daniel got to wear jeans! I was so proud he had a clean pair.

How was your Easter?

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