May 10, 2010

A list

Good grief! It has been a while since I've posted anything.

As much as I like to tell you a story too much has been going on so I must make a list to keep things concise.

We are in the middle of baseball season. David is playing right field. Daniel is playing left field and are both hitting pretty good. Samuel is playing catcher, or as they say in south Arkansas back catcher. He is hitting pretty good too.

We have been having car troubles for over a month now. The truck is really in trouble, and has been in and out of the shop for many weeks. As soon as we got the truck to a place where it could be out of the shop for a while, the brakes on the van started grinding and had to be fixed. Thankfully we have a great mechanic in town.

Saying all of that. We looked for a van over the weekend. We had prayed about it and had a number that we could spend. The first dealership was just sad. Sad. The second dealership we fell in love. The third dealership, I was sent to by myself, and failed miserably. So we went back to the second dealership hoping for a deal. But no! We drove home in our van, stains on the carpet and all. But I just heard from Stephen and the dealership has called today. Maybe we'll make a deal afterall. Who knows!!

Mother's Day was good. All the kids got me cards that were so funny I laughed outloud. David's was real wordy, he said he got it for me because he knew I liked to read, and because he likes to read. Daniel's said I was a 24/7 mom and he was glad because if not he would be doing 5-10. Funny, just like him. Samuel's was to his mommy and talked of me giving baths, and naps. He so wants to always be my baby. Anna gave me a homemade card that she had made at a neighbors house. So sweet. I didn't get breakfast in bed. I just couldn't stomach the idea of what they would do with peanut butter, tartar sauce and A-1, because that is just about all we had in the pantry! So when I heard them in the kitchen, I hurried in to tell them I was already up. Saved!!

We are headed to Disney soon. I have kid clothes stacked in my bedroom ready to be packed, snacks and drinks ready to be divied out. We are ready. 7 more days!!!

Please be praying for Stephen's mom this Thursday. She is having brain surgery. It sounds awful, but will out-patient. Her birthday is Friday and we all leave for Disney on Monday. Pray for a healing and a speedy-quick recovery.

And since I just told you when I will be out of town, please don't break into my house and steal all of my treasures. I wouldn't be happy about that at all!

More to come! I really like to blog, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with what to share. It seems like I want you to know so much but can't get all the stories out of my head.

Have a great Monday. It's a rainy one here, so I shall clean my house or maybe go pickup a new van!

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