May 12, 2010

School is Out!!

Yes! School is out!

Well, I guess I should just say third grade is out.

Kindergarten and sixth grade are still rocking on. Anna loves to do worksheets. Who am I to disappoint her? She will continue to do school probably through June.

Samuel is wanting to begin his 7th grade year as soon as possible. And possible will probably be when we return from Disney. I'm all for it, if he is!

I plan on just going with the flow with him. If he wants to work on school then I will let him. If he wants to take the summer off that is fine too. I don't plan on devoting a lot of time to school this summer.

We all know the only thing I plan on devoting a lot of time to this summer is the pool! Amen!

So, as I am making the last minute plans and packing for WDW, I am also cleaning out the third grade books out of the school room. I can't believe Daniel and David are going to be fourth graders. Where has the time gone?

And Anna is out of kindergarten? I never have to teach kindergarten again? Thank heavens for that!!!

Are you glad school is out too? Are you breathing in the summer air with expectation and excitement? Or are you just glad you don't have to worry about school ever again? Either way, Congrats on a successful year!


  1. Summer is out for us on June 3rd. Since my baby girl is going to be born June 2, that's my day to start summer break.

  2. The end is in sight for us! We're phasing out subject by subject--typing and spelling are pretty much done. 7 more math lessons! :) Looking forward to reading about your WDW trip!

  3. Yea to the kids and you!!!!I can hardly wait to hear how you teach Sam algebra. that ought to be fun. i still don't understand it.