May 28, 2010

Vacation Days 3 and 4

On Wednesday we headed to Epcot. It was our first day at a Disney World park. I was prepared.

My cousin Hollye is a Disney expert and after many emails I had a plan. We got to Epcot 30 minutes before they opened and were one of the first in line. It was so exciting. I talked to Hollye on the phone and I think she and Matthew were as excited as we were.

When the park opened we rode the rides we wanted to ride without a wait! We had a great lunch and enjoyed our day so very much. There wasn't a big crowd, it was a great first day. We had dinner at a revolving restaurant while Chip & Dale, Pluto and Mickey walked around. The kids loved it!!

On Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom. I didn't ride any rides at this park. But the kids and Stephen did. The kids rode the water ride by themselves. Stephen and I were no longer needed to ride with our kids. It was a bittersweet moment for us. After all the years of having our kids attached to us, they were riding a ride without us. Sad, but exciting!! We enjoyed the safari and the Lion King show. We were done with Animal Kingdom by around 3:00 so we went back to the hotel and swam and did laundry. We had been gone 4 days and we needed some clean clothes!!

That night we ate with some relatives of mine that I hadn't seen in 14 years. We had found each other on facebook but they had never seen my kids. We had dinner together and had a good time reconnecting with each other. I hope we don't go so long without seeing each other again.

Days 5,6,and 7 are next, probably later on today!!

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