May 28, 2010

Days 5,6 and 7

Friday was our first day at Magic Kingdom.

It was all we thought it would be. Disney music was playing, people were happy, Mickey ears were everywhere. It was grand!

We got there about 45 minutes early. My mother-in-law rented a motorized scooter for the day, which was just great. I wish I had gotten one for myself!

We, again, rode all the rides we wanted to without any long lines. Just fyi, a long line to me there was 45 minutes. We saw characters, got to ride the teacups and Dumbo, so Anna's trip to Disney World was made!

Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios. We again rode all the rides we wanted to, but for some reason we didn't ride them twice. I would love to ride Rock N Roller Coaster again. That was the best ride ever for me. I'm just sick I didn't ride it twice!

Saturday night we ate at Ohana. It was recommended by Hollye and man was she right! This is not a restaurant for a vegatarian. I have never seen so much meat in my life. And I've never seen David eat so much shrimp either. That boy scarfed down a dozen shrimp and that doesn't count the steak, pork and turkey he ate. It was soo very good.

Stephen and I are thinking about making reservations there when we go back to Orlando for the convention in a few weeks. Thanks Hollye!

Sunday we went to church at FBC Orlando. It was great! I was worried that we would be standing in lines at Magic Kingdom since we didn't get there early enough to ride first, or to get fast passes for the big rides. But, you know, God doesn't dissappoint. We didn't stand in long lines, and didn't miss out on anything we wanted to do. God is good. Lesson from Sunday is go to church on vacation!!!

On Friday Samuel misplaced his backpack with his crocs and camera in it. Daniel still couldn't find his camera from Tuesday. So, now we had no pictures of our Disney trip! I know I don't post pictures much (hush Abby Jo!), but no Disney pictures was just too much for me to handle!

I had been calling Disney lost and found to see about Daniel's camera but they didn't have it. We went to City Hall at Magic Kingdom to see if Sam's bag had been turned in, but they didn't have it. So, after dinner and before the fireworks we went back to see if they had it. And they did!!! YEA!!! Sam's camera found!!

When we got home Tuesday afternoon and were cleaning everything out of the van we found Daniel's camera. It had been there the whole time. We had looked for it, but it was not to be found until we came home. Oh well, at least we found it!

So, the Disney recap is done. Aren't you glad? But I'm not through yet. I have a "Best of" list coming soon.

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  1. Iknow, don't you LOVE Ohana!! And Rockin' Roller Coaster rocks. We rode on my daughter's b-day, and they let us get straight in the front seat line after our first ride--it was awesome. I'm glad you had such a good time. :)