June 28, 2010

Henry is here!

I picked up my nephew Henry yesterday.

He is just precious. He looks like his mom. Those big eyes, and curly hair. Oh My Goodness! That boy will charm the pants right off of ya!

My kids are loving having him here. Anna is finding out that she has it made as the baby in the family. She is acting-big sister this week, and she has realized that it is a non-stop job. I think she's ready for someone else to take over!

Abby is having a great time. She got a 90 minute stone massage today. 90 minutes!!! Thats ok though. I got 90 minutes of Henry. We're equal!

I'm going to try to post pictures this week. So get ready!

1 comment:

  1. I bet it has been fun having them at your house!