June 18, 2010

We have been to Orlando again!

Stephen and I attended the Southern Baptist Convention there. The kids stayed the week with my dad and his wife. They had a great time together. The kids were able to go to church at Bellevue with my cousin Hollye, her hubs Matthew and their daughter Claire. Claire is just about 5 months older than the boys and all of my kids just love her. They spent the night with her two nights and had a great time!

Daddy took the kids swimming and to a movie and maybe a little shopping. I think he was surprised to see how much those kids eat. It probably took two weeks of their grocery budget just to feed my 4 kids for 4 days!

Stephen and I had a great time in Orlando. I always compare the pastor's conference to church camp for adults. Travis Cottrell led worship on Sunday and Monday and it was the best ever. EVER. Casting Crowns sang Wednesday night. We heard great preaching. I mean great preaching.

We so enjoyed our time together. But it is nice to be back home. With my kids.

I would see moms with their children and it made me want mine so badly. It was good to see them again and to have all of our little family together in one van again!

Now we are off to the pool! Woo-Hoo!!


  1. Glad you had a good time in Orlando. It sounds like an awesome trip. The pool is the best way to beat this heat.

  2. Wow, Orlando twice in a matter of months! How cool is that? You might have to start looking at condos in the area. :-)