June 6, 2010

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

After one of the busiest weekends I've had in quite a while, this morning I woke up early.

Today we had a pounding at church for our new youth minister and his wife. I love a pounding. It's a chance for the church members to bring household items for the couple. Mostly food and cleaning supplies, or money. A pounding is one of my favorite ways for a church to show its love!

Anyway.... I had to get up early to make 2 dozen sandwiches and guacamole. Because not only were we pounding them, we were also providing lunch for the church. I just love a church get together!

Anyway.... While making the guacamole early this morning, I was having trouble getting the seed (or is it called a pit?) out of the guacamole. So, instead of hitting it horizontally with the knife I hit it vertically and the knife went straight through the seed and into my hand.


I yelled for Stephen. He came and put pressure on it while I tried not to throw up. For some reason it made me nauseous. After the bleeding stopped and we made sure I had feeling in all of my fingers I finished the guacamole and preceded to get every one's clothes pressed and myself dressed for church.

We talked with a nurse at church and she said it wouldn't need stitches. And then I got an ex-paramedic to put clean it and put some steri-strips on it to close the wound. ( I really wanted to use gaping as an adjective but decided to keep it real instead!)

Can I just tell you that my hand hurts?? It hurts, and its been over 12 hours. But, if you don't know me, you don't know that my pain tolerance isn't very high(no comments Daddy!) My fingers are swollen and I think they maybe a little purple!

But don't panic. Everything is just as it is supposed to be. I can still move them and I am typing this with both hands. Its just that this is my blog and I decided to tell you how it really is. And it really hurts!!!

Ok! Enough of that. So, have you ever cut yourself with a knife? My sister has, I'll have to tell her to post that one on the sisters blog!


  1. I am sorry that that happened. I know it hurts. I have cut myself before on an dog food can before. I was using a can opener. It didn't open the lid all of the way and I stuck my thumb under the lid to pull it up. Yep, went right through my thumb. Did it ever hurt. I won't use an electric can opener to this day.

  2. I'm with you on the pain tolerance. Mine is very low. Sorry about your hand. Cuts hurt! As far as the nausea, don't feel bad, Taylor cut his finger a couple of years ago and as soon as he saw the blood he threw up! Once we were in the ER I told the doctor to watch out.....Taylor has a weak stomach. The doc didn't listen and, well, he got a big surprise.

  3. When I was a teenager, I was trying to help Mom cut vegetables for a salad for a large cookout we were having at our house. I was trying to cut a green pepper, but the knife was so dull it wouldn't even begin to cut through it! So, I stopped to sharpen the knife and then went back to the pepper. I'd been having to work so hard on the pepper before that I - without thinking - tackled it with the force of a dull knife instead of a sharp one. In a split second it went straight through the pepper and into my palm and the skin between my thumb and index finger. Two things about me - I do not have a weak stomach and I have a rather high pain tolerance. Always have. But, this time I immediately grew nauseated and that hand throbbed for days!! I felt like such a baby (and my mom wasn't very sympathetic), but it really, really hurt. Sometimes it seemed like it hurt up into my arm! It wasn't a gaping cut or even that deep of one, but it sure did hurt. So, for the record, you have every reason to talk about how much it hurts!

  4. Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch. I'm still grimacing for you. You were much braver than I would have been.

  5. Ugh! That hurt just reading it!! How is the hand now? I've cut myself several times, one of the most memorable being when I emptied the dishwasher. I'm typically a "slap some spit on it and keep moving" kind of person, which doesn't always lend itself well to healing. You're much smarter than I am! I sincerely hope it heals quickly for you. So, how was the guac? :-)