June 2, 2010


Yesterday we had to go back to Little Rock.

I'm thinking about getting an apartment there. HA! Not really.

The new van had to have the tires rebalanced. Did I tell you we got a new van?

We did. We love it. We are getting used to a couple of things it doesn't have that our old van had, but all in all we love it.

But it took them an hour and a half to fix the tires. I had all the kids with me. And they are good kids, but finally I had to go tell the service dept that I had to go! They told me it would be just a few minutes. They were right. IF it had been much longer, we would have had to steal a car off of the lot. Even I can only be good sitting down for so long!

As soon as we got home from Little Rock we went to the pool. Of course.

And then to a Relay for Life meeting and baseball practice. Samuel made the All-Star team again this year. That boy just loves baseball. He practiced in his white ball pants last night. When he got home, they were brown. I don't know how many times I will have to wash them before they come clean. UGH!

It was a good day. I love good days.


  1. I remember those days of playing ball. Our oldest son played from Kindergarten up until 7th grade... We made several trips to All-Stars, District, and one to Regionals. It takes the whole summer! Long summers, long practices, great memories! Glad you were able to get the van taken care of before you really hit the road for baseball.

    Have you ever tried Zout for getting rid of the stains? It's gotten out crayons, ink, blood, dirt and more for us.

  2. I've been reading your vacation recaps. FUN!! We haven't done the Disney thing, yet. So, when we are ready, I may be contacting you. :)

    We need to get together sometime you are in Little Rock. I'd love to meet you!