May 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fun!

Friday Stephen took the boys to play golf in Pine Bluff. Anna and I went shopping and then went and picked them up. We got there just in time to see all our guys walking down the 18th green. It was a sweet picture. They had a good time, despite the heat. And Stephen makes them walk. I think because he had to walk at their age! Payback!

Saturday Anna, Daniel and I went to Little Rock to see Abby, Randall and Henry. We ate lunch at the Purple Cow and enjoyed time together. I'm trying to get Henry to call me Mama. Abby hates it, so out of respect for her I have now changed it to Mama Juju. One of these days its going to sink it to that cute little head of his. And when he sees me he's going to yell out "Mama Juju!" I just can't wait!

Sunday, we went to church. We had great services with people saved! Who would have thought that could happen on a holiday weekend! HA!

Today, Stephen is at the grill and smoker. He is lovin' every minute of it. The kids are counting down the minutes until the pool opens. But first we are going to the memorial service at the town square. Samuel and the Boy Scouts are leading the flag ceremony and David and Daniel are going to wear their cub scout uniforms (and get a badge for it!)

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day! I thank God for allowing me to be born in the USA and to have the freedoms that I have.

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  1. Happy Memorial Day! It sounds like a fun weekend to me. I cuddled a sweet little baby this weekend! Glad to be home from the hospital.