August 15, 2010

A Homeschool Must Have!

You know how when you find out about something great and you can't wait to tell someone?

Well, I have found something every homeschooler should have.

I've been homeschooling for six years and wish I had had this all those years.

The Homeschool Planner put out by The Old Schoolhouse has got to be the most awesome planner ever!

When I first heard of it I was thinking that it was like every other planner I had seen and tried. But, oh! how wrong I was.

This one has all the coolest stuff!

It is divided by months, which they refer to as modules. In each module is a calendar, websites for additional resources pertinent to that particular month. It also has e-books to download, recipes, stories and ideas to inhance your homeschool for that month .

Not to mention the forms. There can't possibly be a form that you need that isn't in this planner. If you need a chore chart, it's there. If you need a Bible reading schedule, it's there. If you need a home improvement chart, or a master grocery list, it's there! And my very favorite list, the TV show reminder list! What a great idea! And so many more and then there are forms just for homeschooling.

There are forms for book lists, book inventory, transcripts, report cards,and many many more.

You can have it in paper form. Just print off any of the 614 pages that you would like to have in your notebook.

You can have it on your desktop. Each form can be typed on and you can have computer access to your planner.

I am so excited about being more organized this year!

So, go order your planner now. It's just $39.00. A great bargain.

Let me know that you got yours. We can compare notes!!

I'm an independent contractor of TOS and was given a copy of the planner for reviewing purposes.

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