August 18, 2010

I just found the coolest website.

Well, my friend Christy told me about it, so I guess technically she found it.

Anyway.....if you homeschool check out the Homeschool Boutique.

They have great looking t-shirts for moms, boys, and girls. The Homeschool Princess shirts are too cute. They also have bags, backpacks and an aprons.

I haven't ordered anything yet. Because I just found it this afternoon. But, I plan on it. Cute stuff!

Sunday was "wear your school colors" day at church. We all dressed in our bulldog blue for the public school in town. We love the bulldogs. We love the teachers at the schools. But Daniel said that we needed our own colors for our school. This just might be where we get our school shirts!

Just thought you might like to know about them. Let me know if you order something!

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