October 27, 2010

PG Key Review

I found out about the opportunity to review the PG Key and was a little bit aprehensive. We had used a type of internet security before and I had been less than thrilled. It had made the internet difficult to maneuver around in and I wasn't impressed.

Also, my computer skills are sketchy and, well, just not very strong so I didn't quite know how I was going to use it and then be able to review it.

But, I was so very wrong!!

PG Key just plugs into any open USB port on your computer. ( I used one in the back of my tower. Yes, I still have a tower. And no, I didn't know there were USB ports back there. See what I mean???!!!) When I went to the website I entered the required information and it began to work.

At first I couldn't view my own blog. This caused a bit of distress for me, as you can imagine. But after I went to the website and realized how easy it was for me to set-up approved websites, I was no longer distressed! I simply had to type in www.blogger.com and all blogger blogs were accessible.

Since my children don't know the security code to PG Key, they do not have the same ability to set up approved websites or un-block websites. I am the only one with the code, thus the only one with the POWER!! It really is great!

I don't have to worry about the boys typing in the wrong word in an address and being taken to some filthy, un-fit website. PG Key won't allow it. It has given me great peace of mind. PG Key also allows me to "see" where they've been on the web. What a great tool! It also can help my kids locate a website they visited but forgot to remember. You know what I mean??

With PG Key, I can also set up time limits for each child. How cool is that??!! I wish I was able to do that with their games!!

I am impressed with PG Key and am pretty sure you will be too. Especially is you are even the tiniest bit computer challenged like me. It's easy to use, and gives great peace of mind as far as my children are concerned.
PG Key only costs $49.95. It can be purchased online or at selected stores. If you have children, make the purchase!

I received a PG Key in exchange for this review. I am an independent reviewer for the TOS crew.

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