October 1, 2010

Foundlings: A Review

I was asked to review Foundlings, Book One of the Peleg Chronicles.

This book is historical fiction set in Biblical times at the time of the dispersion of the Tower of Babel.

There is no magic, no humanism, and no evolution in this book. This is something they promote and with good reason. A couple of my boys love to read more than anything and trying to find books that hold their interest, yet don't slam our worldview are hard to find.

I'm pretty sure Matthew Christian Harding has provided us with a trilogy of books that my boys are going to enjoy!

This book is about dragons, giants, and noble and honorable men. Men that are determined to do what is right in the face of danger and in difficult circumstances. The kind of men that I want my boys to admire and grow up to be.

Matthew Christian Harding has quite a story to tell about himself. He wants to provide literature that will inspire young people to stay true to their Lord Jesus Christ.

You can purchase Foundlings, the first book in The Peleg Chronicles here for just $11.95. Your kids will enjoy them and you will enjoy not having to worry about what they are reading!

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