November 7, 2010

What a weekend we've had!

Thursday began with the Bulldog Breakfast for the football team and ended with a GREAT win for the team! We are now undefeated in our conference. We are excited!!

Friday morning saw us at the dentist, where every child had at least one cavity. Anna, who went 6 years with no cavities, now has two. How is it possible that in 6 months she has 2 cavities? I don't understand. The Beavers came for about 24 hours so we went out to eat and a last-minute hunting trip to Walmart to round out Friday.

Saturday the guys went deer hunting aand brought back nothing. Nothing at all. Daniel shot a deer, but they never found it. He is sad, very sad. And we had a bonfire and hayride with the kids Sunday School class that night. I love a bonfire, and this one didn't disappoint. Fun times!!

Today has been a busy Sunday. As they usually are the closer to Christmas we get. And somewhere along the line I lost my extra hour. I need it!

How about you? Were you so busy you lost your extra hour?

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