November 22, 2010

A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers- A Review

What: A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. A full-year's curriculum in 32
weekly lessons.
Who: Published by Bright Ideas PressHow Much: The soft-bound book is $34.95.

I recently received a copy of A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers to review in our classroom. This is a soft-bound book that contains 32 lessons on periods of music and the composers of each time period.

The lessons require almost no teacher prep time, which is a huge bonus for me! The book provides the lessons, note-taking sheets, coloring pages, time-lines, composer information cards and information for folder books(a close relative to the lap book.) Also included are maps and outlines to add to round out the curriculum, we are using them to enhance our geography lessons.

We not only get to examine the writing style of the composers but also the character traits and Christian life of each one of them.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find all the music we needed to listen to for the lessons, but they provide links to the music in the book. So, we listen online.

This is a terrific resource! I know some states require music credits for graduation. With a little bit of extra work, this would fit the bill.

Because of the short time I had this book before the review had to be written I , of course, wasn't able to complete the whole curriculum. But, I do intend to finish it in the spring.

I was given this resource in exchange for my honest review.

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