December 13, 2010

ALEKS- A Review

I know, I know! All I do on here is reviews. I just can't seem to make the time to write on this blog and this one. I had such good intentions. Maybe I'll make it a resolution for 2011. Maybe.

So, I was asked to review ALEKS. ALEKS is a web-based learning and assessment system for math. I've told you before how math is not my strongest subject. So, I was both apprehensive and pleased to be given a one month subscription for this program.

It was easy to set up accounts. I set up accounts for all three boys. Sam is a 7th grader and the twins are 4th graders. I just love to see how the twins are alike and how they are different.

The first thing the students are asked to do is complete an assessment of their math skills. It doesn't take very long and the day we did it I considered it math class, so they definatly didn't mind!

After the assessment is taken we were provided with a pie chart of their strengths and weaknesses. The twins are about the same. I just love that!

There is so much more ALEKS provides other than the assessment. They provide tutorials, lessons, games, etc... We focused mainly on learning from the mistakes that were made in the beginning. The boys like working on the computer to do math and that when they needed help all they had to do was click an icon to receive it. How easy is that?!

Its a good program. It became a bit too much for me, but if you know me at all you know that I can't be thrown too far off my homeschooling path or I totally derail! Give it a try. They offer a free 30 day trial. It would be worth it to find out "where" your student is in math. It helped me! After the free trial a one month subscription per student is $19.95, 6 month subscription is $99.95. And there is a family discount for multiple children. You have to love that!!

I received a free month subscription for my review as part of the TOS crew.

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