January 4, 2011

Some Sugar please!

We are so pumped for the Sugar Bowl tonight!!

We love the Hogs in this house. Tonight we will be having a family pizza party with some kind of sugar-y dessert! We're even letting the kids stay up to watch the whole game. I know, its like we've gone crazy or something!!

I got Jim Tressel's book, The Winners Manual, on my Kindle and vowed not to read it until after the Sugar Bowl. I even told Stephen that he couldn't read it until we beat OSU. (Jim Tressel is OSU's coach.) I mean, we have to show our loyalty to the Razorbacks in all sorts of ways.

Our heart is in New Orleans tonight. Along with many of our friends, facebook and real. But our money will stay here in our pockets, it just works better for us that way! And we'll get to see the plays a little more up-close on the tv. But I do wish we were there!


1 comment:

  1. :( Such a sad ending. But I was proud of the way they clawed themselves back to almost-winning! (My brother called me the next evening and said the Razorback receivers were stuck in New Orleans...they couldn't catch their flights!! Ha!!)