January 12, 2011

Virtual Nerd-A Review

Ok, this product is great! Do I say that about all the products I get to review? I can't remember, but we really liked this one.

Virtual Nerd is an online learning program with video-based tutorial lessons aimed to help students in math and science. Courses covered are Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Physics and they teach using a simple format of watch...learn...understand!

For $49 a month you can subscribe to Virtual Nerd and have unlimited tutoring in math and science courses. You can also get a 24 hour subscription for $5. How great is that??!! The website is very straight forward. If you are looking for pre-algebra, you just click on pre-algebra and pick the topic your student is struggling in. I have had no problems with the video's loading or finding what I needed to view.

The tutorials are a video of one person in front of a white board presenting a problem and the solution in an easy to understand way. Samuel watched them and understood a couple of concepts that he had had trouble with up until now.

I'm sold on Virtual Nerd!

I received a temporary subscription to Virtual Nerd for my review.

If your child is having trouble with jr high or high school math. Or if you are having trouble explaining the math lessons to your child. I recommend Virtual Nerd.

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  1. As a supporter of Virtual Nerd, we wanted you to know about our Math Boot Camp. To help students avoid the "summer slide", we are offering boot camps in: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. The five-week camps cost only $19! A pre-quiz will assess student's knowledge, and weekly playlists will be assigned to help them attain a better understanding of the subject and build upon concept knowledge. Finally we wrap up with a quiz that assesses how far they have come! We hope you will share the good news. Get started today!