April 29, 2011

A Review

We recevied Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! at the beginning of our school year. My 7th grader was really excited about learning the language.

This curriculum teaches "Koine" Greek which is the language of the New Testament. Stephen went to seminary and learned Greek so Samuel thought it would be cool to also know some Greek!

We began with Level 3, which was just right for his grade level. I tried to use it with the younger ones but it was just enough to difficult for them, I opted to not continue with them. However, if I had had Level 1, or Level 2 I would have used it for them.

Level 3 is set up in such a way that Samuel could teach himself. A cd is included, as is an answer book. Flashcards are provided and the book encourages the use of them. Watching Stephen use flashcards in seminary proved to me that it is defintely the way to learn!

The Curriculum is broken up into lessons for a parent who wants to be more involved in the subject, but I chose to let Samuel study it at his own pace and he did quite well. There were times when he wasn't real keen on doing Greek, but other times when he was. Typical of any student.

The student book is $21.95 and the full answer book is also $21.95. They offer pre-made flashcards, test, quizzes and other items that may be helpful for use with the subject.

We found that making the flashcards was easy and a change from the normal way of school. Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is a great curriculum.

I received a copy of the text & answer key in exchange for my review.

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