March 26, 2015

Date Night

It's Spring Break week in Arkansas and Beavers' Academy is all about spring break! David, Daniel, and Anna have been at Camp Siloam, or what we just used to call Siloam. They are doing cleanup at the Camp in the mornings, and doing backyard Bible clubs in the afternoon. I haven't heard from D & D but I've seen pictures on Facebook of the, doing magic at the backyard Bible clubs. I know they are loving that. They love to help and serve. I've talked to Annaevery night, she's ready to come home but has been a trooper and hasn't cried or asked to come home. Samuel had a ballgame Monday night and again tonight. He's been with Lauren a lot this week which has allowed Stephen and me to have a date each night, I mean I haven't cooked a meal since Sunday night. It's been awesome! The time Stephen and I have spent together has been so special. Monday night we got in trouble for the way we ordered at a restaurant, and we found out it's expensive to play Bingo. WEDNESDAY night we went out with Samuel and Lauren. She is so sweet and kind. I'm anxious to see David, Daniel, and Anna. We spend so much time together thst being away from them is strange.

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  1. What a great spring break--we love Camp Siloam! :)