April 3, 2015

Daybook 4/3/15

Outside my window...its a beautiful sunny day! Daniel and his friend, Christian, found a 4 foot snake in our yard. Oh. My. Word. 

Within my walls...There has been a horrible, awful smell in the refrigerator the last few days. Today, we moved it out so I could find the dead mouse that was surely behind there. But no. There was no mouse, no nothing. I swept and mopped and still the smell. Then I cleaned the fridge out, took the drawers out, cleaned the shelves, everything. And still the smell. I cleaned more and then I saw it. A baggy with two pieces of chicken in it on top of a new package of chicken. I had cleaned all around the smell, but had not removed it. There's a sermon in there somewhere,

A thankful heart...Today I'm most aware and thankful for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Oh, how awful life would be without a confidence that there is something better than this life we're living. 

A heart of prayer...This is a huge week in churches. Easter is a great time to invite people who don't go to church to go with you to church. This could be a life changing week!

Thoughts from the kitchen...Stephen is on a low carb diet so my cooking has changed a bit. Now David is going to give it a try, I guess my bread budget will go down, but my meat budget will increase!

Sounds of the moment...I'm writing this while we wait for Samuel's ballgame to start. So the sounds are balls being hit, loud music that everyone under the age of 20 loves, and boys yelling encouraging words. It's a great place to be.

What I'm wearing...dark capris, cute chevron tunic, and Sunak's. I may look cute! Ha!

Random observations...I love dreary, rainy days, but the sun shining bright, warm days are the best!

A favorite thing from the week...I've spent a lot of one on one time with Samuel the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed it so much. He has grown up to be a young man with a heart for the Lord, and a kind soul. 

A picture of the week...  We don't take many pictures, this ones pretty good.

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