May 20, 2015


In the great outdoors...We woke up to rain. It was a beautiful sound and I turned over and went back to sleep. Great day!

Within our walls...We're getting used to summer, no school, new chores, later nights, and a little bit more fun.

Thoughts from the kitchen...I've made a couple of chicken marinades and a sauce for meatballs this week. They were yummy and made me a bit more impressive in the kitchen! Lol

Sounds of the moment... The washing machine and dryer are going, the TV is on and every once in a while one of the kids laughs. 

What I'm wearing...Khaki shorts, UAFS t shirt (trying to convince Samuel to go there), and socks of course.

Favorite moment from last week...
This moment

On the calendar...The boys may be running in a 5K this weekend. Daniel broke his pinky toe, so we haven't decided yet, but have to know by tonight. Other than that, nothing is going on. Weird.

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