May 18, 2015

Mother's Day...A Little Late

Ok, so Mother's Day was last week. I didn't write about it. I don't know why, but I will now.

Last year we celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday, it worked like a charm so we did it again. Sunday's are very busy, there's no relaxation or celebration. I, of course, wanted to go shopping so we headed to Little Rock for the day. 

We ate and shopped, ate again and shopped again. I made sure to go to stores that everyone liked, so there was no dissension in the group. I've learned over the years how to have a successful trip!

Sunday the kids came into my room with cards. And only cards. They had hung my gifted ferns in front of the house already, so sweet. 

Oh, how I remember the many years of Mother's Days gone by. The kids would wake up early and prepare breakfast for me. Samuel would usually be in charge, and the others would be the waiter/waitress. Breakfast always included a pickle or olive on the plate. It was the sweetest of gestures, and I learned not to gag with a breakfast of pickles, cereal, and toast. 

Anna made me mugs with our names on them.

How cute are these?! 

It was a good day to be me. Oh, how I love my children.

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