May 3, 2015

Saturday Funday

Since we moved to Pine Bluff we have been intentional about being in the community and participating in community events. 

We're not great at it, but we try! Yesterday the city put on Family Funday. When we found out about the event, we signed up to participate in the team games and to tailgate. We took our charcoal grill, that Stephen loves, and food for our team. 

Little did we know, communication for the event was subpar, we were to provide food for everyone that attended! Everyone could come by and eat our food, and drink our drinks. There were eight groups tailgating and six of them brought enough food for the couple of hundred people that attended. Oh well, we had enough food for us, and were able to share our drinks with others. 

Anna and Stephen taking a break from unloading our tailgating supplies.

David, Daniel, and Stephen went fishing during the afternoon.

It was a fun, full day. We played games, laughed, and got some sun.

And Samuel won the chicken wing eating contest! I'm hoping there's scholarship money for this new talent. 

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