May 4, 2015

Daybook 5/4/15

Outside my windows...It is a gorgeous day. The sun is shining brightly, the temperature is perfect. I love this day.

Within our walls...This school year is winding down. David and Daniel are finishing up their research papers, and Anna is finishing her literature book. When those tasks are completed school will be out! Probably by Friday! Yay!!

Heart of thanksgiving...I'm thankful for Gods provision in our lives.

Heart of prayer...Sunday is Mother's Day and I'm praying for all of those without mothers in their lives. Samuel's girlfriend lost her mom last year, and this day isn't an easy one for her. 

Random observations...I'm texting Samuel as I write this. A player on his team is in trouble with the coach. As I think about the situations I am again reminded that our conduct, actions, and attitude are so important in making, and keeping relationships. When we act selfishly it doesn't just affect us, but also those on our "team."

My children...The childhood our children have is so different than the childhood Stephen and I had, we grew up in a large church with all of our needs met. Our children are a part of a struggling, small, almost nonexistent church. They are making friends with all kinds of people, being out in situations we were never put in. And they are thriving! I'm so proud of all of them. 

Thoughts from the kitchen...I'm going to try a new recipe tonight, yikes! Last night I opened a can of sauerkraut and it smelled bad. BAD! I looked at the expiration date and it was December 2014. No wonder! 

Sounds of the moment...David is throwing away a lot of notebook paper, he's wadding it up and it's kind of loud. The air conditioner just kicked on, the washer and dryer are running, and a neighbor is mowing their lawn.

What I'm wearing...Cute black shorts, old shirt, socks, and tennis shoes. Yes, shoes!

A favorite thing from last week. Last week was busy, and I loved it!

On the calendar...Samuel has two games this week. One today that we aren't going to, but we'll go Friday to Magnolia. And then if everything works out, we'll go to Harrison next for the state tournament! Yay!

Anna and her friend Audrey

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