March 21, 2009

A new era

It is spring! Officially. I am so glad.

However, Samuel's closet was not. That poor boy didn't have any shorts or t-shirts that were decent to ride his bike in. So, off to Little Rock we trekked.

The whole family.

We ate supper, and it was good! And then we headed to Academy Sports. We love that store.

And then we went to Target and Old Navy. We got him a couple of things at Target (and I got some great Bermuda shorts, I can't wait to wear them!-but this isn't about me) but nothing at Old Navy.

And then we went to Aeropostale'. Let me just say that I am extremely intimidated by teenage clothing stores. The smell of Abercrombie and Hollister make me gag. And I really think the devil lives at Abercrombie. How else would they come out with the trash they come out with?
I had a coupon for Aeropostale' so I thought we would try it out. And I must say it was a very pleasant experience. There was no overwhelming cologne smell, no loud music, and the employees were so nice.
Samuel got a pair of jeans, and 3 t-shirts. He was, and still is this morning, so excited!

Its a new era for us, no more Childrens Place for him. It was sad when he outgrew Oshkosh and Carters but now to be able to move on to teenage stores. I don't know if my mama heart can stand it.

All that I have going for me is the smile on his face when he walked out with a sack full of clothes!
Children how they grow!!!


  1. We love Aeropostale' and Academy too! In fact, we are headed that way next weekend.

  2. Ok, I am officially a little freaked out that he is wearing the same jeans I wear and Uncle Randall wears. I can visualize that proud grin on his face and it does this aunt heart good. Bless his growing heart!